Semester Projects

Conceptual Framework
Anchor-Store Readings
Database to be used?
Abbie Alsene
The mental health of student leaders at community colleges
Factors that stress student leaders? Or, perhaps more broadly, the factors that may cause community college students to need mental health services?
Astin's theory of student involvement

Goffman's theory of self-presentation
Mental health care in the college community, by Kay and Schwartz

Mental health of college students, by Morrow
Mental healt services at community colleges

Michael Cermak
Do credentialed students make better workers?
Does receipt of a certificate or associate's degree lead to an earnings premium in the labor market?
Human capital theory
Higher learning, greater good, by McMahon
Investment in human capital, by Schultz

The economic gospel: The economic poser of schooling, by Grubb and Lazerson

The new vocationalism in communituy colleges, by Bragg
Economic returns to credentials

Mark Coykendall
Do faculty development programs increase faculty participation, faculty retention, teaching skills, etc.
Is participation will correlated with greater retention, job satisfaction, other outcomes?
Transformational learning theory
Learning as transformation, by Mezirow

--See books listed below for Braandon Hensley
Faculty development in community colleges

faculty job satisfaction

Gabe Estill
The unique character of rural community colleges
Are rural community colleges different (along specified traits) than urban or suburban colleges?
Rural sociology
Critical rural theory, by Thomas

Rural community colleges: Teaching learning and leading in the heartland, by Eddy & Murray
Rural community colleges

Maegan Gorham
Service learning and civic engagement activities in cc's
Do service learning and civic engagement activities enhance student engagement and involvement?
Student involvement theory

Student quality of effort

Dewey's Theory of Progressive Education
Measuring the quality of student experiences, by Pace

Recollections and reflections, by Pace

Student involvement, by Astin
Service learning in community colleges
Community college survey of student engagement
Jennie Hemingway
Threat assessment teams at community colleges
[Are some community colleges more likely to form these teams than others? Do models of coordinating threat assessment at four-year colleges meet the needs of community colleges, as peceived by community college leades?]
Organizational models for coordinating instituional responses to threats
Threat assessment teams: A model for coordinating the institutional response and reducing legal liability when college students threaten suicide, by Penven and Janosik
Threat assessment in higher education
Disruptive students in community colleges

Brandon Hensley
Faculty reward structures at community colleges
[Relationship between job satisfaction on the one hand and pay, working conditions, etc., on the other]
Herzberg's two-factor theory
Community college faculty: At work in the new economy, by Levin et al.

Community college faculty: Overlooked and undervalued, by Townsend and Twombly

A profile of the community college professoriate, by Outcalt.
Faculty profession at community colleges

Faculty job satisfaction at community colleges

Edith List
International students at community colleges
What factors predict female international students' persistence at community colleges in the United States?
Terenzini and Reason (2005) college impact framework

Gender & Cultural Capital Theory - Dumais (2002) based on
Bourdieu (1997)
Higher education and international student mobility, by Guruz

Understanding the international student experience, by Montgomery

Internationalizing the community college, by Romano
International students at community colleges

Julie O'Brien
Remediation at the community college level
How does remediation affect the graduation rates of community college students who transfer to a four-year institution?
Bean and Eaton's Psychological Model of College Student Retention

Melissa Pitcock
The personal fiscal investment of students in their own education
Do students who pay at lease some of their educational expenses out of pocket achieve "better" outcomes than students whose parents pay for everything.
Econommic or sociological theories that explain the link between psychological investment and fiscal investment. Perhaps theories used in studies by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or by Laura Hamilton

Also, perhaps theories of student retention.

Patrice Prud'homme
How do noncredit STEM programs measure out in labor market outcomes?
What is the correlation of noncredit STEM programs to the credit, regression analysis with models
Human capital theory (Beck, 1962, 1975)
Hagedorn & Purnamasari (2012)GAO (2004, 2012)
Jacobs & Dougherty (2006)
Carnevale et al. (2010): Help wanted
Counting the hidden assets (2009)
Van Noy et al. (2009)
Jepsen, C., Troske, K., & Coomes, P. (2009). The Labor-market returns to community college degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

Christian Roldan Santos
Institutional barriers to successful math remediation completion and retention of students of color in community colleges
[Factors that contribute to minority student success in developmental math courses]
Critical race theory
Back to school, by Mike Rose
In the basement of the Ivory Tower, by Prof. X

Are community colleges underprepared for underprepared students, by Schuetz and Barr

The politics of remediation : institutional and student needs in higher education, by Soliday

Remedial math at community colleges

Minority students and remedial education
Amelia Wood
Job satisfacction of community college faculty members
Factors that contribute to job satisfaction
Hertzberg's two factor theory?
--See books listed above for Braandon Hensley
See also listings of faculty studies, above.